A Perspective on Securing Large Language Models and Capitalizing on Generative AI

The Nordic AI Summit is quickly approaching, setting the stage for a groundbreaking meeting place for AI enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders. This year, we’re proud to feature an impressive lineup of speakers who are set to delve into some of the most important and thought-provoking topics in the field of artificial intelligence. In this blog post, we’re putting the spotlight on two of the speakers and giving you a sneak peek into what they’ll talk about at the Summit.

Unveiling the Threats and Solutions in Large Language Models with Mikołaj Kowalczyk
Mikołaj Kowalczyk, a Senior Software Security Analyst at Ardoq. With an extensive background in cybersecurity and a keen understanding of AI’s intricate landscape, Mikołaj is poised to take us through the threats associated with Large Language Models (LLMs).
His talk promises to explore critical threats, discussing potential mitigation strategies, and setting down guardrails for safe and secure usage of LLMs. Participants will leave armed with an understanding of the OWASP Top10 for Large Language Models, ready to navigate the complex web of AI with confidence.

Exploring the Economic Potential of Generative AI with Yann Phoon
Yann Phoon, AI Lead at McKinsey, is another highlight in our speaker lineup. Yann’s talk will unravel the economic potential of Generative AI, not just on a global scale but with a laser focus on Norway and potentially other Nordic countries. He will dissect the unique challenges and advantages that the Nordics face in AI adoption, offering a comprehensive view of what businesses and society need to brace for.

Yann will also share insights from his experiences at McKinsey, showcasing a use case that exemplifies the power of AI in action. His talk is an invaluable opportunity for attendees to grasp the economic ramifications of AI and understand how to leverage it for maximal impact.

In a world where AI is no longer just a buzzword but a reality shaping our future, understanding its threats, potentials, and economic implications is paramount. The talks by Mikołaj Kowalczyk and Yann Phoon are more than just presentations; they are conversations that need to be had, lessons that need to be learned, and strategies that need to be adopted.

Whether you are an AI novice or a seasoned professional, these talks promise to provide insights that are both profound and practical, ensuring that every attendee walks away with knowledge that is immediately applicable and transformative.

As the Nordic AI Summit draws near, the anticipation is building for what promises to be an event brimming with learning, networking, and inspiration. The talks by Mikołaj Kowalczyk and Yann Phoon are just a glimpse into the wealth of knowledge that awaits attendees.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience. Check out the full program on our website, secure your spot, and get ready to dive deep into the world of AI with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

See you at the Summit!