Mikołaj is an experienced engineer with an interest in the offensive side of cybersecurity. For more than 4 years, he has tested dozens of web applications, APIs and chatbots. He is a part of the Security team at Ardoq, a Nordic SaaS company that provides a cloud-native data driven collaboration platform for digital business management, where enterprises can document, analyze and visualize data in order to make informed decisions across the organization. Since the very beginning of the Large Language Models hype, Mikołaj has been researching the possibilities of these new technologies – both for defence and attack, and has also been involved in a community around Large Language Models security. He runs a bi-weekly AI security newsletter – The Real Threats of Artificial Intelligence and explores the new attack surface that LLMs have brought to software development. Mikołaj also contributes to the development of a new Machine Learning security guideline – OWASP Top10 for Machine Learning.