Yann currently serves as an Expert Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company in Norway, a global management consulting firm which partners with multinationals and start-ups alike on strategic topics. Yann is the AI and Digital lead for McKinsey in Norway where he works with clients on AI-enabled digital business building ventures and digital strategy topics. Recently he was also lead author of McKinsey’s perspective on GenAI’s impact on the Norwegian economy. He brings extensive experience in leading digital capability building initiatives that delivers and operates AI enabled services for clients with high aspirations, including those in Travel, Logistics, and Infrastructure. By advising clients, Yann helps leading companies stay ahead of the competition by building frontier capabilities and creating seamless digital experiences for customers.

Recent examples of Yann’s work includes the following:

  • Helping to build and launch a new business venture in the travel sector
  • Led development for an AI powered cold chain monitoring solution for a global supply chain player
  • Helping a life sciences company with its capabilities in developing its AI powered drug discovery services
  • Leading development for an AI powered race strategy platform in motorsports
  • Supporting a retail bank in its digital journey development, creating new online-only experiences
  • Supporting a global charity with its digital operations to enable its humanitarian mission