Silvija Seres is an investor and developer of technologies and companies. Her background is from research and education within software, where she did a PhD in algorithm optimization at Oxford University, programming at Alta Vista, and leadership at Fast Search and Transfer and Microsoft. Silvia has served on more than 30 major boards in private and public sector, and her current directorships include the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the Oslo Stock Exchange. She has recently developed the most popular technology podcast in Norway, and is passionate about lifelong learning in practice, now. Silvija lives in Oslo, with a husband and four children.

Education: MBA graduate from INSEAD, and a PhD and Prize Fellow from Oxford University. Work experience: Department manager in software companies (Microsoft and FAST). Board member in several large public companies. Midcap investor in technology. Consultant and project manger. Assistant professor and research lead. Deep technical and managerial experience in technology companies. Interests: Strategies for digital disruption.

Specialties: Industrial analysis, research management, education management, international project management, software development, public speaking