⚡️Creative, curious, and open-minded are describing words to use about this 25-year-old woman. Her passion includes broadening her perspectives through meeting people with other backgrounds and life experiences. After high school, she decided to travel the world by herself, which boosted her courage, knowledge and gave her a reality check about differences in cultures.
⚛️After the gap year, she started a M.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics at NTNU in Trondheim. Besides learning how beautiful and convenient theoretical mathematics and physics is, she also learned the very importance of understanding the problem before trying to solve it. This became her common denominator when meeting different types of challenges, especially needful during her seasonal internships as a software developer both in Knowit and Forte Digital.
🌱Through different NGOs, Nora has the experience of working with international politics as an activist, e.g. at UN events like COP, being an executive board member, and as a chairperson. She has also been a chair person of the Youth Board and a member of the board in the Church of Norway – Norway’s biggest organisation. In this scope, her strength is to motivate and encourage the people around her as well as challenge herself to say yes to new opportunities.
📈As Nora has always been a fan of a steep learning curve, there was no surprise she applied for NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship. With hard work, excitement, and determination as driving factors there is no doubt the entrepreneurial journey is the right choice for her. Now she is currently building her entrepreneurial career, working in the startup NAYA🚀