Mozhgan Tavakolifard, a tech leader and TEDx speaker, stands at the forefront of integrating AI and consciousness, bringing a holistic approach to business innovation. Her career is a testament to her passion for blending technological advancement with higher human values such as empathy and ethical mindfulness. Mozhgan’s endeavors in reshaping data and AI strategies are grounded in a profound commitment to ethical and human-centric considerations.

Her research has significantly influenced trust modeling in digital environments, while her entrepreneurial ventures, including, showcase her vision for integrative and responsible solutions. Mozhgan’s role as a board member and consultant spans a vast array of organizations, where she has been instrumental in steering responsible AI implementation and strategic growth.

Drawing inspiration from the serene landscapes of Norway and engaging in transformative dialogues, Mozhgan’s connection to nature and human insight deeply influences her work. She invites audiences to explore a future where advanced technology harmoniously coexists with conscious insight, fostering positive change. Her upcoming book and leadership roles continue to push the boundaries of discussion in AI ethics and conscious-centered innovation, positioning her as a thought leader in the field.