Martin Nørballe is a multifaceted professional with a rich tapestry of experiences across various sectors. His journey in the IT industry includes a significant tenure as the Managing Director at Applicon from 2002 to 2011, where he honed his skills in technology management and digital strategies. This experience laid the groundwork for his later roles, which have spanned across retail, media, fashion, and the financial industry.

In 2013, Martin ventured into the role of Nordic VP for Retail, Media & Fashion, where he applied his IT and management expertise to these dynamic industries. This role marked a key period in his career, demonstrating his versatility and ability to adapt to different business sectors.

From 2013 to 2015, he was the founder and owner of SmartEye A/S and SmartEye Invest A/S. His entrepreneurial spirit was further evidenced in his foray into the hedge fund industry as the founder and owner of Arcanum A/S since 2012 and Arcanum Capital Management LLC since 2008. His financial ventures are encapsulated at, showcasing his depth in investment management and financial strategies.

Moreover, Martin served as a Board member of XtraCon from 2010 to 2014, contributing his strategic insights to the broader IT sector. His current role as the VP of Products at 2021.AI brings together his extensive experiences. Here, he leads product management and AI strategy, utilizing his deep knowledge in digital transformation and governance honed over years at Saxo Bank. Martin Nørballe’s career is a testament to his adaptability, leadership, and forward-thinking approach in the evolving landscape of technology and finance.