Factiverse – we help journalists and analysts mitigate the risk of misinformation and hallucinations. Think a bit like Grammarly but for fact-checking. Based on research from 2016 by my cofounder and associate professor Vinay Setty, in 2020, it became a company.

Additionally, I am cofounder and the chair of Startup Migrants(Berlin/Oslo). Since 2021, over 1400 aspiring multicultural founders have been through our Startup Preschool, a 3-day crash course in entrepreneurship. These founders are the driving force behind the much-needed economic growth in Europe.

My first book(2010) annoyed the prime minister, contributed to country wide demonstrations and resulted in new law for refugees in just 3 months. In my other four books, I wrote about employers’ freedom of speech in times of social media, interviewed 50 best tech founders in Norway about their journeys and in mapped out why migrant founders in Europe succeed. I also worked as a tech journalist, earning the title Best Startup Journalist by the Norway Startup Awards.