Frédéric Heitmann-André is the Chief Technology Officer at Prosper AI, a dynamic startup aiming to revolutionize the brokerage industry with advanced AI solutions. With a strong background in both development and strategic innovation, Frédéric brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles at OBOS, Telia Norge, and Acando Norge. His expertise in developing scalable and impactful digital solutions has positioned him as a leading figure in the AI and technology space.

At Prosper AI, Frédéric leads the charge in creating accessible, trustworthy, and contextualized data-driven solutions. His work has garnered significant attention and interest, propelling Prosper AI to the forefront of the AI industry. In addition to his role at Prosper AI, Frédéric is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where he shares his knowledge and passion for AI and technology with the next generation of innovators.

Join Frédéric at the Nordic AI Summit 2024 as he shares insights on how Prosper AI, in collaboration with Computas, is leveraging AI to transform the brokerage industry. Learn about their ambitious projects and the methodologies that are driving their success.