Bjarke Arreskov-Hansen is a seasoned professional in the field of product management and AI strategy, serving as the Vice President of Products at 2021.AI. His role primarily involves leading the GRACE LLM Governance, a testament to his profound expertise in the realm of artificial intelligence. With a comprehensive 12-year tenure at Saxo Bank, Bjarke brings extensive experience in digital transformation, governance, and AI.

At Saxo Bank, he significantly contributed as the Global Head of Pricing, where he was responsible for the bank’s global pricing strategy and managing the subscription business and loyalty program. His leadership in pricing strategy was marked by the implementation of a client-centric approach, digital transformation of price operations, and the successful launch of multiple price campaigns. Bjarke’s skills in pricing strategy, customer loyalty, commercial strategy, and data-driven decision-making have been pivotal in enhancing business profitability and competitive positioning.

Before ascending to his current role, Bjarke served as the Head of Business Development at Saxo Bank, leading a team of over 20 business analysts and project managers. This role involved driving large, complex initiatives such as developing new financial products, integrating third parties, and overseeing major regulatory projects. His strategic and operational leadership was crucial in consolidating functions across the firm, engaging with stakeholders, and structuring the global process for project delivery.

Bjarke’s expertise extends to software project management and Agile methodologies, skills honed during his earlier roles, including as a Product Manager at SoSure A/S and in various positions within IBM’s Tivoli Software group. His background in sales operations and software development, coupled with his profound understanding of digital transformation and stakeholder management, makes him a versatile and influential leader in the tech industry.

At 2021.AI, Bjarke Arreskov-Hansen is at the forefront of shaping the future of AI governance and product development, leveraging his deep industry knowledge and strategic insights to drive innovation in the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence.