Arjun is a father to two toddlers and the founder and CEO of Brua ( The company is on a mission to sculpt a socially responsible role for AI.

Brua is building a social platform for AI to expand our collective potential with trustworthy information.

Arjun led the large model training stability program at Graphcore ( before starting Brua in 2023. He holds a PhD in AI (2011) and has done foundational work on building self-organising agent systems that produce reliable systemic outcomes. Arjun has been in the field for over two decades, spanning a career across AI research, teaching, engineering AI systems, and steering AI R&D into product. Brua is a moral obligation and call to arms of the dad and AI technologist in him, fuelled by a deep fascination with examining humanity’s AI quest and the current state of AI mediating an expanding set of our experiences across life and work, towards integrating AI into society in a socially responsible way.