Nordic AI Momentum: From Local Initiatives to Regional Action

After our successful association with ITS Norway, memorable speech and talks at ITS Day 2023, and involvement in Hemsedal hosting AI Risk Avengers at Startup Extreme, it’s clear: there’s a strong interest in AI in the Nordics. Our engagement as a speaker in the latest Proptech Norway event where the passion for speaking about AI have amplified this momentum.

A Decade of AI Mastery

With over a decade of experience in AI, from Machine Learning to Computer Vision, we’ve gathered valuable insights from many commercial projects and academic work contributing to citations and writing whitepaper. Our recent collaboration engagement with Braekhus Advokatfirma highlights our commitment to understanding AI’s legal aspects, especially with the upcoming EU’s AI Act. Together, we develop AI Compliance for the businesses of all scales.

The AI realm is expanding, and so are the legal frontiers. Beyond GDPR, there looms the EU’s AI Act, Data Act and Data Government Act. With such sweeping legislative changes, startups wielding AI tools must gear up for this new reality or face daunting technical debts.

Joining Forces: NeuroSYS & Brækhus

Our collaboration ensures that businesses harness both technical and legal AI prowess under one roof. Whether you’re at the inception stage or scaling globally, we’re here to guide, especially in securing critical funding. Dive into the vast ocean of digital transformation with NeuroSYS, boasting 120 adept professionals, each dedicated to crafting bespoke IT solutions.

On the other side, Brækhus brings to the table a legal team of mastery in sectors of cybersecurity, GDPR, IT/software, IoT, and blockchain, ensuring you navigate the complex digital landscape with precision.

Nordic AI Summit

The Nordics have a growing reputation for tech innovation, especially in AI. Recognizing this, we decided to launch the Nordic AI Summit.

Why this summit?

We wanted to offer a space where experts, enthusiasts, corporate, and startups can come together to discuss AI’s place in our region and challenge each other on the topics of AI. We hope this event becomes a regular gathering for everyone interested in AI’s potential in the Nordics. If you attend, you can look forward to straightforward discussions, practical workshops, and sessions that get to the heart of AI’s most pressing topics. Plus, there’s our unique Challenge Arena – a chance to see innovation in action. So, if you’re curious about AI’s future in the Nordics, or just want to learn more, this summit is for you.

We’re not just charting the Nordics’ AI trajectory but influencing the global dialogue on AI. Be a part of this revolution. Envision, engage, and shape the AI narrative of tomorrow.

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